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June 21, 2021

Dr. Weil on how to know what is true in alternative medicine

Dr. Andrew Weil discusses how to find good advice in the realms personal health and medicine. We cover how the traditional medical establishment so often falls short in making us healthier, the unproven alternative approaches you see on the internet, the new age of psychedelics, how to approach vaccines, and more.

Vaccines Truth Alternative Medicine Psychedelics Integrative Medicine Personal Health Medicine

May 10, 2021

Renee DiResta on how social media obscures the truth–and what to do about it

Renée DiResta discusses how misinformation spreads online, and how social media platforms can be taken advantage of to propagate false narratives. Understanding how misinformation spreads is the first step in protecting yourself from falling victim to falsehoods.

Social Media Disinformation Vaccines Truth