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Thank you Darya!

The deep dive you do on this show is awesome. I’ve learned so much. Thanks for sharing your life and experience with us. Can’t wait for more!

Food, Mental Health, Parenting, Technology - All of it

Many relevant, current topics that we would be having around dinner tables and with friends. I’m inspired by a lot of the guests that Darya brings on. I can trust that the information being shared and the conversations that are being had are being supported by evidence backed research. Highly recommend and excited to hear what’s next!

Fantastic actionable podcast

Thank you for the podcast! Can we have a podcast on superfoods, which you think are useful, etc? On nutrient dense foods in general actually. Have a great day!

Great curation of relevant info

Thanks D ! For all that you do 🤗


Love the show and need more! Since you post a lot about kids and food would love to see you interview jennifer anderson from kids eat in color. It will totally change the way your kids eat and how we view our role as parents and providing food for our kids. It is not our job to make them eat.


Great topics and deep knowledge

Instant subscribe and auto download

I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this for years!! All of the things I love, science and the scientific process, getting to truth, facts vs. fiction, and more. And since it is by Darya I know it will be legit. I instantly subscribe, set to auto download and even turned on notifications and I never do that last part. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.



Highly recommend!

Foodist shares inspiring and actionable lessons from Darya and her guests on how to achieve overall health and wellness in your life. Highly recommend listening if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach long term success with your health goals!

Very helpful and illuminating!

Thanks so much for what you do Darya!

So Insightful!!

Thanks Darya for your amazing podcast (and book/website)!! Your earlier years of a dieting lifestyle are so similar to mine. Hearing your outlook on "real food" is so logical! The podcast interviews keep me motivated to stay on track. I've lost 5 lbs, but more importantly feel healthy (mind and body). Loving the Foodist health style. Thanks!!!

Enjoying a new perspective!

I've just started listening to this podcast, but I'm enjoying it so much. Darya's perspective on health and lifestyle is refreshing. After listening to just a few episodes, I already feel myself noticing how I can make small habit changes for a less stressful, happier realtionship with food.

Love, love, love this podcast

I just discovered this podcast and Darya this week. Amazing!! I have loved listening to the success stories and also the coaching that Darya does with people who are having challenges. I am inspired and also relieved that I can leave my dieter's mentality behind! Great podcast!

Happy it's back!

Great podcast!

I can't say enough good things

As soon as I see a new podcast is available I anticipate listening. Each one is smart and thoughtful with so much good, practical info much of which I can easily implement into my own life. I highly recommend listening. You'll subscribe after the first listen. Thank you Darya for an excellent podcast. I really appreciate your work!


Darya's smart and a great listener. Thanks for putting on the podcast.

Good information

This is a great podcast. She has the gift of being able to explain concepts in a way that everyone can understand regardless of whether or not they are familiar with the ways of proper diet and nutrition. This podcast will help many people. She takes her time when working with clients and make sure to get to the root of the issue for that individual instead of just prescribing a one size fits all diet plan. Great podcast, we need more like this one!

In-depth podcast featuring real people and their everyday food and weight-loss struggles!

I love the Foodist podcast - Darya digs deep into so many food and weight-loss related issues from real people. Everyone can find something to relate to and learn from in the podcast. She addresses everything from overeating after exercising to binge-eating late at night to how to get motivated again after reaching a big goal. Love hearing this in-depth podcast featuring real people and their everyday food and weight-loss struggles!

Practical nutrition advice that WORKS

Darya's approach will help you develop your own healthy, enjoyable, sustainable and livable habits around food and eating. The podcast eschews the extremism of the traditional dieting world (in the media) and instead promotes moderate solutions to make you feel less crazy about nutrition. It's great hearing other people's success stories - how they abandoned black and white thinking about food, and learned to embrace balance. I have learned to listen to my own body to learn what makes me feel good and how to cultivate the habits to make sustaining my weight nearly effortless. I found success with the book Foodist a couple of years ago, and really enjoy hearing more of that nutritional philosophy through these podcasts. If you are a fan of Michael Pollan or Traci Mann (Secrets From the Eating Lab), or already a fan of Darya's Rose, you will love this!

very informative and encouraging

Great advice. Like the format. Good and easy to follow suggestions for changing your eating habits

Great information

Darya provides great practical information on how to improve your healthy lifestyle. The podcast is well paced and helps people to think about the why behind their actions in order to make lasting changes.

Real People Are Amazing!

This podcast is such a great idea. It's really helpful to listen to real life people talk about their stories, struggles, and successes.

Knowledge Bombs

Darya is the real deal people! She gives such insight into questions that we all have, but may not know how to navigate through all the information out there. Darya is the ideal young, vibrant, intellectual who is ASKING THE QUESTIONS, DOING THE WORK, and giving us an insight into whats really happening in our world of food and health. Best part is, her avenue of conveying her knowledge is FUN, INTERESTING, and super approachable!

Fantastic podcast on eating real food

I've been waiting for Darya to start a podcast and she did not disappoint! Just got the e-mail today and I've already listened to the first 3 episodes. Love the interview with Amy on how shw lost weight the Foodist way. Incredibly inspiring. The live coaching session was a great idea and I can totally empathize with Megan and got a lot of great ideas. Great podcast - keep the episodes coming!.

This is the real, real

Sometimes the best way to learn is by watching someone else succeed or stumble. These are real stories and real people offering a wealth of insights for getting healthy and losing weight without dieting.


This podcast is really amazing! I love the Summer Tomato website but this gives me the opportunity to listen to sane health/eating/weight loss advice while driving or doing the dishes, which I love. I really hope there is more to come!